Welcome to WoweeDay! WoweeDay is all about making someone in your life go "Wowee!" one day, maybe on a day that's already special to them, or else on a day you just want to make them feel special - maybe today. Here you can reserve and design a personal ....in-the.world web site for someone in your life for a Birthday, an Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, some other special event, or maybe just because you feel like it. Sites such as: sexiest-lover.in-the.world best-wife.in-the.world sarah-brown-best.in-the.world greatest.in-the.world You can reserve a web site whose name reflects your feelings about someone in your life: a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife, a lover, a parent, a relative, a friend, or anybody else you just want to thank, praise or make feel good. You could also praise a business or service provider. As you can see, the web address itself reflects your feelings, so should make them go "Wowee!". The complete web site name takes the following form: Your-opinion.in-the.world where Your-opinion generally includes a superlative adjective or similar, possibly with a name and a relationship or role, to give complete site names such as: handsomest-husband.in-the.world sexiest-boyfriend.in-the.world most-supportive-partner.in-the.world best-mother.in-the.world jack-coolest-dad.in-the.world best-golfer.in-the.world drake-hottest-rapper.in-the.world martha-cohen-best-mom.in-the.world george-top-plumber. in-the.world best-restaurant. in-the.world